Sunday, August 28, 2011

KB2IXT's Life is Threatened by Unlicensed dark shadow

 KB2IXT announces his life and that of Miss Laura have been threatened. The unlicensed hit man taunts and stalks Freddy on 75.  Hi  Kids, just when you thought 75 meters couldn't get any dumber. Surprise, Surprise.. Gomer has a Surprise.

  Fred announces his life and that of FCC chief enforcer Laura Smith has been threatened and he has alerted all federal law enforcement agencies he can think of on his cell phone. I hope he can muster a government action faster now that drama and
possible Mayhem have surfaced.

First we wonder what the "death-Tales" could be, but why would anyone put out a contract of Freddy, the biggest big ole good Buddy? I wondered that, and after listening I might have an answer.

You see Freddy has been calling the FCC for years about unknown stations "jamming"
his nightly Marconi net. But, even after ten years few if any results have taken place.
One could ask why and ofcourse its not the job of the FCC to DF licensed qrming stations, unless emergency traffic or some other very important function is being served by amateur radio communications. As anyone who listens regularly 3.843 knows no such function is being served.

However, Fred dropped a bomb shell recently claiming he had discovered some alleged jammer had been on disability while also (God forbid) working,
Of course this is none of Fred's business, but we wonder who he is having investigated, since he often claims such personal informations.

We also question why he would jam his rear side into somebody's life at such a personal level, he would call the social security administration, reporting his big discovery.
We conclude this little fascist is out of control and if someone would become very annoyed with him might take personal matters into their own hands.

Freddy never says why somebody, an alleged unlicensed person, would threaten him with bodily harm.
However, knowing his amoral nature and sissy conduct, plus intrusions into the lives of others , we can guess.

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