Sunday, June 26, 2011

Field Day.. CQ.. CQ.. Can You hear Me NOW ?

                                    That Class of Operator You'll Never Hear EXCEPT IN a Contest. They are a unique group of people, mostly too busy to use radio except to win a gold cup and get their call in QST or CQ magazine.  Its dog eat Dog, and QRM is OUR Norm.

                             You cannot be old, hard of hearing and senile
to be a contest operator. It is QRM where you can and push the limits. The real inhuman side is shown, if you attempt foolishly, to give a contester anymore than what he expects and want. You'll get thrown over board as soon as you give the robot a number, section and other foolish info.

The younger folks usually are involved with contests as well as millionaires who run illegal power and multi-operator stations. Of course these stations will all have large yagis if a DX contest.

The QRM is at its sweetest and bitching and complaining at its Nader during contests, because it is a dog eat dog activity.
For myself, I enjoy contests moderately because the old spend farts are forced off the bands during the qrm as norm field day.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Senility and its Friend- Alive and Well in Amateur Radio

                                       Its so difficult to listen to the last burn down
                of a spent and dying mind

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sticks and Stone Break Bones, But Words ?

Ham Ops are a quirky bunch of superstitious old men who would not shoot a dog, but would a trespasser or a coon. They would not be able to even complete a ten word declarative sentence without using the wrong tense of the verb, but angel breathe, would never say a dirty word. They would never even say God Damn, on the air.

The FCC would agree and has sent  Notice of apparent liability to broadcast stations for just one utterance of the word FUCK.
They send million dollar NAL to networks for showing a female teat on the air?
One has to ask who is sicker? Those that pretend to never use a vulgar word and be offended or those that curse like a sailor.
The sailor, at least is not being a hypocrite.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

K1OIK on The Ham Trail Outer-On-Decks.. ship Ahoy, Matey

"We all know, hams have no guts or balls or anything like that.", Burt, K1OIK

   The Judas of Amateur Radio. K1OIK Burt spin around three times and call that high school girl you got so hard on. Oh, well you know that is the majority of problems in the hobby.  The majority of these people, Burt, are social misfits. We can take heart in that the radio offers some social interaction and probably has kept many of these senile folks alive at least ten years more than if they only had their wife to chatter with.
Mad Mad.. world..of the Two Meter Repeaters lurkers.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Fabio, K1JJ, Drum Rolls

    Introducing The Fabulous K1 JJ  with video.
Here Fabio strokes his Flex  and adjusts his AM 10Kw rig to perfection.

Sometimes Radio Can Actually Endanger Your Neighbors. K1JJ's tower should be inspected for structural integrity and RF pollution to any neighbor within 2 miles.[Image] Burn Burn Burn ! When is enough enough. When do you know you have the ultimate station? We can't say K1JJ hasn't tried, but with the big boys now owning 10Kw Henry Radio 8K, how long will Fabio hold his award?Sporting a 200 foot tower with dual quad elements for 75 meters and God knows, what else, we can only wonder what his neighbors think. A 200 foot tower is difficult to stelf even in a woods. How tall do the trees grow in Connecticut? (if married what does his wife think of that?)Fabio recently completed a four holed 4-1000A rig for AM. That is two 1000's modulated by same.On its madian voyage, cranked to the max. 60 db over s9 reported from the west coast on 75.Hang on Fabs, because in New England they eat more than clam chowder. There are those wolves passionately on your trail to become Alpha of the Big Boys on 75.But, then who was it that said its difficult to get any more than 15 minutes of fame?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The TimO Tron WA1HLR

Well, there are a few real characters worth listening to in Amateur Radio. One of my major reasons for leaving HR has been the rapid and vapid full gallop of the hobby toward CB. With the easy tests and the growth of technology, where was Amateur Radio to go. Its akin to the US military without the draft. It has to recruit thugs, rapists,street drug peddlers and low life to fill it ranks.

Amen for Tron, and as many of you know Tron has his own Piss weEK.. RADIO SHOW on 7.415, WBCQ. Its currently I think, on the air Saturday evenings, but as with all schedules check to be sure.


Timmy standing as straight as an arrow.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3905 Century Club 7pm 7.178

Oh, Lord what I want is to become a Masters Degree in obsessive compulsive QSL collecting.

                              Some of you old timers may recall when amateur radio was like a box of chocolates. You never knew what you'd get when you called CQ. Why it might have been Walter Cronkite or Barry Goldwater.. or gosh just a kid with the things on his mind you had.
But, wait those days are over, and why struggle to talk when all you have to do is check into the 3905CC club and wait your turn. By Crackie maybe one of those rare personages might check in and you could actually give him a 3 by 3 report although you never really heard him at all.

Just imagine the excitement when that next big group of QSLs has a K7UGA, with you 2 by 2
signal report. You could be happier than a second grader who just won all those rare marbles.

Well, this net I think was well intended when it started more than 30 years ago, but as with all things what is a guy to do when he has worked all his states and some foreign countries.
Do you just give up on the net?

No, of course not because this crazy group meets seven days a week, talking on top of each other and procrastinating the nets lift off by silly preambles, lists, favored Masters degree holders and so much baggage it takes it at least an hour to start, if you consider the pre-net calls ins as well.
That I suppose is just these strange howdy doos and koo-koos are just plummage in  old peacocks, with nothing better to do, such as improve their minds.

The problem with amateur radio and there are many, is that to any intelligent person it is a colossal BORE.

I won't tell you more about this group except to say they have so many spin off nets now, your head will go dizzy, just trying to keep up with the action. A dual watch radio would help and reduce your chances of missing that big call and QSL.