Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Smoking Gun WB2JKJ

You know sometimes its just that intuitive smell of mendacity that makes your nose turn up.
I have never heard of a better solution for playing the tables at Vegas than this.
Joey is no longer a teacher. PS 22 does not even know who he is. Try calling them, as I did.
Ok, first misrepresentation. But seriously your charity appears not to be registered for a tax free deduction of any contribution. We have checked. And, isn't it strange, of all the places he can had out literature, its the sin city, gambling center of the world.

WB2JKJ probably has thousands in unpaid IRS taxes, that's just a speculation of course because he actually has no radio club, is no longer a teacher and does not disclose where the money goes from all those pieces of gear he will send somebody over to collect, to fund a club, that no longer exists.

WB2JKJ you are free to respond here.
Until then we stand by our suspicions.Having listened to Joe on 7.238 with his splatter-ridden Collins signal wiping out nearby frequencies, I think this whole process is very suspect.

Most intriguing the Hotel in Joeyy's bulletin is closed until mid 2012! Its also a Casino!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Northeastern Patriots Net 3.860 M-Sat 8pm

Now, is the time for all good red necks to come to the aid of his country.

Well, what can be said for the over all intelligence of any net which finds anything Obama says, does, attempts to do and this qualifications for the Presidency in question?
For example, Obama is a Muslim, born of Islamic parents outside the USA and because of a deep liberal conspiracy has risen to the highest post in the United States. Most disturbing he should call himself a patriot when we know all true patriots find black powder and firearms the only point they can agree on, as their liberty.

For these folks the statue of Liberty should exchange her torch for a musket.
Night after night they call in and rate their level of emergency. Most call in as a level one.
That is watchful waiting for the Feds to come calling and in one fell swoop collect the ham equipment, ammo and all firearms.

We could list by call sign the regulars here, but what would be the point? If they were taken seriously, I'm sure the FBI would have made them a visit some time ago.

Can you say RED NECK NET? That would be a more appropriate title me thinks. As it stands its a good laugh for a night or two, but lack creativity and as all amateur nets sinks to the level of a dead chicken and a clutch of eggs filled with Papa's black powder.
Remember Elmer Keep that POWDER dry !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The East Coast Amateur Radio Service

Probably a harmless net , such as ECARS, meeting now seven days a week, on 7.255, might seem almost an oasis of friendly. However, how any mind not fossilized could par take of this net day after day, week after week and yes, year after year, escapes me. Because only two possibilities come to mind, your computer signs you in and out or you honestly have passed away and this is a net for souls trapped between earth and the here after.

The net originally had a good idea as it reason for being, that is the linking up of mobile stations up and down the east coast. Yes, Caroline that was the founding fathers idea, and I was willing to accept that until in 2007, I briefly went mobile myself.

Trying to check in repeated times was not heard by net control, who by own admission had an S9 plus noise level, and having no fixed station willing to relay, I could have drowned waiting for ECARS to even acknowledge me as an emergency mobile.

That said, ECARS also has an almost Stalin era number issuing for fee man in Florida. He will for a annual fee give you a number and a net card. That means you could become a card carrying memeber of that elite group, the East Coast Amateur Radio Service. Sort of mind boggling isn't it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Most Friendly Net in Amateur Radio ?

 The Fred Friendly, Marconi net meet 75 meters six days a week, is called by its chief enforcer, Fredo the Frisbee, the most intelligent and friendly net in all of Amateur radio. The preamble speaking of Marconi, tells a lie and then as a starter goes on to tell more.
That it is collegial. However spinning at its black hole center, is egotist and wanna be talk show host, Fred, KB2IXT.

His continual peeing and moaning, right of center flavor and dysfunctional wanna be radio talk show host, Fred, KB2IXT make this not an oasis, rather a spider's web for your destruction.

Currently this dysfuntional group meets more or less regularly 9pm eastern time on 3.843. .With mercy, it takes itself to 160 meters, Thursdays evenings.

Tune in and get snarred. You will soon be sucked dry by Freddie, and let by the side of the road as road kill.