Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are Ass Holes Increasing

 Stanley KD8IUU , a recovery for you is very simple. Its a lot like Alcoholics Anonymous,
First You Admit You are an ass hole and a LID.
There does seem to be an out break of assholisms. CDC reports:


Does it seem like everywhere you turn, you encounter an asshole? Does it seem like you remember fewer assholes in years past? You're not alone. Assholes are on the rise everywhere from Kansas to China and there's no sign of a slowing in the trend.
What's behind this rise in assholes? Are there really more of them than there used to be, or have we somehow grown more sensitive to their presence?
Dr. Clive Rectum of the CDC notes that while diagnoses of Asshole have risen markedly over the last decade, it's far from clear as to what the cause, or even multiple causes might be.
"I favor an environmental explanation.", says the infectious demeanor expert. "These assholes find themselves surrounded by assholes from birth, and, well, asshole tends to rub off on you."
Here on the corner of 2nd and Crap, in a once modestly middle-class section of Cleveland, Duncan Shittypants, Jr. has been the proprietor of Duncan's Pawn Emporium since the late 1970's.
"I remember at first, you'd get maybe one or two assholes a week. They'd come in and start talking, and you'd know right away: this here's an asshole. You'd mutter and shake your head... try not to get 'em going, you know? Eventually they'd leave and you could get on with your day. Now? Well now you can't swing a cat without hitting an asshole. Store's full of 'em. It got to the point where I had to set up special Asshole parking." (It's a little farther up the street.)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shortwave Listening isn't protected under part 97

 Hey, Gomer, if you are not in QSO, your listening frequency isn't protected under FCC part 97.

What say ?  Yes, that's right. A frequency is open for use if you are not yourself using same and the station transmitting does not hear or is being heard by who ever you're listening to.

 Frequencies are for all licensed amateur operators, not your buddies or your rag chew crew. Get used to it because that's the law.

Now that you know go forth and bitch no more. Also it would seem, calling CQ for more than a minute or two, would be interpreted as broadcasting. It is in fact a one way transmission.Once you have terminated a contact you no longer are protected from competitive use of that frequency by a licensed radio station.
The fact you declare a channel open is just a bit silly. You never had exclusive rights to it from the start.

So, the senile and  proud old goof balls no doubt will just continue to do business as usual. Just remember you are just as likely a Qrmer as the station you believe took your frequency. Remember radios do have tuning dials.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

KB2IXT's Life is Threatened by Unlicensed dark shadow

 KB2IXT announces his life and that of Miss Laura have been threatened. The unlicensed hit man taunts and stalks Freddy on 75.  Hi  Kids, just when you thought 75 meters couldn't get any dumber. Surprise, Surprise.. Gomer has a Surprise.

  Fred announces his life and that of FCC chief enforcer Laura Smith has been threatened and he has alerted all federal law enforcement agencies he can think of on his cell phone. I hope he can muster a government action faster now that drama and
possible Mayhem have surfaced.

First we wonder what the "death-Tales" could be, but why would anyone put out a contract of Freddy, the biggest big ole good Buddy? I wondered that, and after listening I might have an answer.

You see Freddy has been calling the FCC for years about unknown stations "jamming"
his nightly Marconi net. But, even after ten years few if any results have taken place.
One could ask why and ofcourse its not the job of the FCC to DF licensed qrming stations, unless emergency traffic or some other very important function is being served by amateur radio communications. As anyone who listens regularly 3.843 knows no such function is being served.

However, Fred dropped a bomb shell recently claiming he had discovered some alleged jammer had been on disability while also (God forbid) working,
Of course this is none of Fred's business, but we wonder who he is having investigated, since he often claims such personal informations.

We also question why he would jam his rear side into somebody's life at such a personal level, he would call the social security administration, reporting his big discovery.
We conclude this little fascist is out of control and if someone would become very annoyed with him might take personal matters into their own hands.

Freddy never says why somebody, an alleged unlicensed person, would threaten him with bodily harm.
However, knowing his amoral nature and sissy conduct, plus intrusions into the lives of others , we can guess.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad OO's who abuse their positions

The Official Observor system although conceived to help the amateur radio service has in its ranks bad apples who abuse their position. One such is transplanted Teaxs Neter WA5LOU.
The following is a report about his movements and activities when in Texas. He wife found a job in Indiana and he is unemployed. Moving to Indiana in August of 2010.

Here is a copy of a
Lou Everett WA5LOU called last Wednesday with the news that his wife had taken a job in Indiana that started today. She has specialized skills and was not able to find the kind of work needed locally and this has forced them to relocate.
Lou was a scheduled speaker at the Saturday 7290 picnic and wanted to hold off any announcements until his leaving was announced there.

I told Lou we expect check ins from Indiana and for him to take the net if the band goes long… I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from you.
Tom Whiteside, N5TW parting comment about WA5LOU

I think some in the 40 meter AM window who have received white cards from WA5LOU, because according to him, they were causing interference to a foolish traffic net on SSB, on 7.290 will raise their eye brows. He needs be called in and questioned about his impartiality in the duty of OO.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Advise For KD8IUU from a friend

Stanley its time at your age 66 years to smell the flowers and Grow UP! Stop hiding behind a woman's skirt.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Kill A Dead and Mindless Ham

   Has it ever seemed to you hams must be some of the most dead out there. After all why would anyone chant CQ CORN TEST, then give a phoney 59 report. Only then to go back to doing the same thing again.
We won't say all hams are Zombies, but it is possible, given their mindless chatter some may well be dead, and unburied.

Here is a primer on how to kill a Zombie, if you need to.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A super HV arc. This should say Danger to The Rangers

          I include this video, because it is just so cool. In old days,
age 16, my 3500 volts pulled some nice arcs, but not like this.
I did however as a kid, love to take a lead pencil and draw a nice blue arc from a 6146, that was producing RF. Its a wonder I survived.. Gwod was with me, good buddy.

This arc is on a 345 KV power grid. The technicans opened the breakers and by golly, got some good plasma off the latches.


The Sunset for Personal Radio, including Amateur radio

Included here, for your reference, is the material from which Amateur radio is depending on to keep it alive and well.

For your suggestion, assume you are a youngster, that wants to shortwave listen. Would you, consider joining Elmar here on 75 meters for a little conversation between feeding the dogs and your next six pack?

For the moment, radio is in the twilight zone, and its not clear what if any excuse it can show for its continued existence.

Happy 4th of July.. and keep that powder dry.                    

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Field Day.. CQ.. CQ.. Can You hear Me NOW ?

                                    That Class of Operator You'll Never Hear EXCEPT IN a Contest. They are a unique group of people, mostly too busy to use radio except to win a gold cup and get their call in QST or CQ magazine.  Its dog eat Dog, and QRM is OUR Norm.

                             You cannot be old, hard of hearing and senile
to be a contest operator. It is QRM where you can and push the limits. The real inhuman side is shown, if you attempt foolishly, to give a contester anymore than what he expects and want. You'll get thrown over board as soon as you give the robot a number, section and other foolish info.

The younger folks usually are involved with contests as well as millionaires who run illegal power and multi-operator stations. Of course these stations will all have large yagis if a DX contest.

The QRM is at its sweetest and bitching and complaining at its Nader during contests, because it is a dog eat dog activity.
For myself, I enjoy contests moderately because the old spend farts are forced off the bands during the qrm as norm field day.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Senility and its Friend- Alive and Well in Amateur Radio

                                       Its so difficult to listen to the last burn down
                of a spent and dying mind

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sticks and Stone Break Bones, But Words ?

Ham Ops are a quirky bunch of superstitious old men who would not shoot a dog, but would a trespasser or a coon. They would not be able to even complete a ten word declarative sentence without using the wrong tense of the verb, but angel breathe, would never say a dirty word. They would never even say God Damn, on the air.

The FCC would agree and has sent  Notice of apparent liability to broadcast stations for just one utterance of the word FUCK.
They send million dollar NAL to networks for showing a female teat on the air?
One has to ask who is sicker? Those that pretend to never use a vulgar word and be offended or those that curse like a sailor.
The sailor, at least is not being a hypocrite.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

K1OIK on The Ham Trail Outer-On-Decks.. ship Ahoy, Matey

"We all know, hams have no guts or balls or anything like that.", Burt, K1OIK

   The Judas of Amateur Radio. K1OIK Burt spin around three times and call that high school girl you got so hard on. Oh, well you know that is the majority of problems in the hobby.  The majority of these people, Burt, are social misfits. We can take heart in that the radio offers some social interaction and probably has kept many of these senile folks alive at least ten years more than if they only had their wife to chatter with.
Mad Mad.. world..of the Two Meter Repeaters lurkers.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Fabio, K1JJ, Drum Rolls

    Introducing The Fabulous K1 JJ  with video.
Here Fabio strokes his Flex  and adjusts his AM 10Kw rig to perfection.

Sometimes Radio Can Actually Endanger Your Neighbors. K1JJ's tower should be inspected for structural integrity and RF pollution to any neighbor within 2 miles.[Image] Burn Burn Burn ! When is enough enough. When do you know you have the ultimate station? We can't say K1JJ hasn't tried, but with the big boys now owning 10Kw Henry Radio 8K, how long will Fabio hold his award?Sporting a 200 foot tower with dual quad elements for 75 meters and God knows, what else, we can only wonder what his neighbors think. A 200 foot tower is difficult to stelf even in a woods. How tall do the trees grow in Connecticut? (if married what does his wife think of that?)Fabio recently completed a four holed 4-1000A rig for AM. That is two 1000's modulated by same.On its madian voyage, cranked to the max. 60 db over s9 reported from the west coast on 75.Hang on Fabs, because in New England they eat more than clam chowder. There are those wolves passionately on your trail to become Alpha of the Big Boys on 75.But, then who was it that said its difficult to get any more than 15 minutes of fame?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The TimO Tron WA1HLR

Well, there are a few real characters worth listening to in Amateur Radio. One of my major reasons for leaving HR has been the rapid and vapid full gallop of the hobby toward CB. With the easy tests and the growth of technology, where was Amateur Radio to go. Its akin to the US military without the draft. It has to recruit thugs, rapists,street drug peddlers and low life to fill it ranks.

Amen for Tron, and as many of you know Tron has his own Piss weEK.. RADIO SHOW on 7.415, WBCQ. Its currently I think, on the air Saturday evenings, but as with all schedules check to be sure.


Timmy standing as straight as an arrow.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3905 Century Club 7pm 7.178

Oh, Lord what I want is to become a Masters Degree in obsessive compulsive QSL collecting.

                              Some of you old timers may recall when amateur radio was like a box of chocolates. You never knew what you'd get when you called CQ. Why it might have been Walter Cronkite or Barry Goldwater.. or gosh just a kid with the things on his mind you had.
But, wait those days are over, and why struggle to talk when all you have to do is check into the 3905CC club and wait your turn. By Crackie maybe one of those rare personages might check in and you could actually give him a 3 by 3 report although you never really heard him at all.

Just imagine the excitement when that next big group of QSLs has a K7UGA, with you 2 by 2
signal report. You could be happier than a second grader who just won all those rare marbles.

Well, this net I think was well intended when it started more than 30 years ago, but as with all things what is a guy to do when he has worked all his states and some foreign countries.
Do you just give up on the net?

No, of course not because this crazy group meets seven days a week, talking on top of each other and procrastinating the nets lift off by silly preambles, lists, favored Masters degree holders and so much baggage it takes it at least an hour to start, if you consider the pre-net calls ins as well.
That I suppose is just these strange howdy doos and koo-koos are just plummage in  old peacocks, with nothing better to do, such as improve their minds.

The problem with amateur radio and there are many, is that to any intelligent person it is a colossal BORE.

I won't tell you more about this group except to say they have so many spin off nets now, your head will go dizzy, just trying to keep up with the action. A dual watch radio would help and reduce your chances of missing that big call and QSL.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Smoking Gun WB2JKJ

You know sometimes its just that intuitive smell of mendacity that makes your nose turn up.
I have never heard of a better solution for playing the tables at Vegas than this.
Joey is no longer a teacher. PS 22 does not even know who he is. Try calling them, as I did.
Ok, first misrepresentation. But seriously your charity appears not to be registered for a tax free deduction of any contribution. We have checked. And, isn't it strange, of all the places he can had out literature, its the sin city, gambling center of the world.

WB2JKJ probably has thousands in unpaid IRS taxes, that's just a speculation of course because he actually has no radio club, is no longer a teacher and does not disclose where the money goes from all those pieces of gear he will send somebody over to collect, to fund a club, that no longer exists.

WB2JKJ you are free to respond here.
Until then we stand by our suspicions.Having listened to Joe on 7.238 with his splatter-ridden Collins signal wiping out nearby frequencies, I think this whole process is very suspect.

Most intriguing the Hotel in Joeyy's bulletin is closed until mid 2012! Its also a Casino!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Northeastern Patriots Net 3.860 M-Sat 8pm

Now, is the time for all good red necks to come to the aid of his country.

Well, what can be said for the over all intelligence of any net which finds anything Obama says, does, attempts to do and this qualifications for the Presidency in question?
For example, Obama is a Muslim, born of Islamic parents outside the USA and because of a deep liberal conspiracy has risen to the highest post in the United States. Most disturbing he should call himself a patriot when we know all true patriots find black powder and firearms the only point they can agree on, as their liberty.

For these folks the statue of Liberty should exchange her torch for a musket.
Night after night they call in and rate their level of emergency. Most call in as a level one.
That is watchful waiting for the Feds to come calling and in one fell swoop collect the ham equipment, ammo and all firearms.

We could list by call sign the regulars here, but what would be the point? If they were taken seriously, I'm sure the FBI would have made them a visit some time ago.

Can you say RED NECK NET? That would be a more appropriate title me thinks. As it stands its a good laugh for a night or two, but lack creativity and as all amateur nets sinks to the level of a dead chicken and a clutch of eggs filled with Papa's black powder.
Remember Elmer Keep that POWDER dry !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The East Coast Amateur Radio Service

Probably a harmless net , such as ECARS, meeting now seven days a week, on 7.255, might seem almost an oasis of friendly. However, how any mind not fossilized could par take of this net day after day, week after week and yes, year after year, escapes me. Because only two possibilities come to mind, your computer signs you in and out or you honestly have passed away and this is a net for souls trapped between earth and the here after.

The net originally had a good idea as it reason for being, that is the linking up of mobile stations up and down the east coast. Yes, Caroline that was the founding fathers idea, and I was willing to accept that until in 2007, I briefly went mobile myself.

Trying to check in repeated times was not heard by net control, who by own admission had an S9 plus noise level, and having no fixed station willing to relay, I could have drowned waiting for ECARS to even acknowledge me as an emergency mobile.

That said, ECARS also has an almost Stalin era number issuing for fee man in Florida. He will for a annual fee give you a number and a net card. That means you could become a card carrying memeber of that elite group, the East Coast Amateur Radio Service. Sort of mind boggling isn't it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Most Friendly Net in Amateur Radio ?

 The Fred Friendly, Marconi net meet 75 meters six days a week, is called by its chief enforcer, Fredo the Frisbee, the most intelligent and friendly net in all of Amateur radio. The preamble speaking of Marconi, tells a lie and then as a starter goes on to tell more.
That it is collegial. However spinning at its black hole center, is egotist and wanna be talk show host, Fred, KB2IXT.

His continual peeing and moaning, right of center flavor and dysfunctional wanna be radio talk show host, Fred, KB2IXT make this not an oasis, rather a spider's web for your destruction.

Currently this dysfuntional group meets more or less regularly 9pm eastern time on 3.843. .With mercy, it takes itself to 160 meters, Thursdays evenings.

Tune in and get snarred. You will soon be sucked dry by Freddie, and let by the side of the road as road kill.