Wednesday, November 28, 2012

   I once wondered why people would gather around a group of old men and day after day, just repeat the same old worthless comments? Could it be the old men,amateur
 radio are just lonely ?

What would a psychologist say about checking into a net, having nothing to say, for years on end, to speak trivial things about yourself?

Just some of the things I've heard, useless and banal pieces of human mumbles.

1. Gas Prices- Basically who cares about gas prices in your area, its only at the local gas pump where it counts.

2. What their wife is doing- Who cares what his wife is doing, she is not a licensed ham, never speaks on the air, and may in fact find his hobby devastating to what little is left of their own time to speak with each other.

3. What they did in the military as much as 70 years ago?
Seriously who could care, except its obvious you survived, otherwise, you'd not be blathering false memory about your (his) glory days

4. The Weather and weather nets- Who could care that in East Fairfield Indiana, its clear, with snow flurries and the barometer falling? If I wished to get the only weather report important to me, I'd look out a window.

5. Constant blathering about old and simple radio stuff, such as "my G5RV"- Goodness goomer, who cares, unless you have a signal 20-30 over nine and claim 100 watts on that wonderful G5RV.

And so its goes year after year..and I wonder how much more ridicules it could get. Maybe just making funny noises would be more brain stimulating?

Monday, November 26, 2012

 Ok, Kids. I haven't posted here for a while, simply because Amateur radio has really put me to sleep. Oh, the excitement of it all 7.255, 3.910 (morn Meeting Place) and 3.860, Red Neck chicken stew Net, just haven't given me a hard on.

But, I think, given the old geezers I hear now, only dimly since my operations are few.. couldn't get a wet noodle to stand at attention, even at forty five degrees.

The hobby is full of the most boring and snoring and constipated old pirates. The ship however is sinking fast.
Where are those young folks?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are Ass Holes Increasing

 Stanley KD8IUU , a recovery for you is very simple. Its a lot like Alcoholics Anonymous,
First You Admit You are an ass hole and a LID.
There does seem to be an out break of assholisms. CDC reports:


Does it seem like everywhere you turn, you encounter an asshole? Does it seem like you remember fewer assholes in years past? You're not alone. Assholes are on the rise everywhere from Kansas to China and there's no sign of a slowing in the trend.
What's behind this rise in assholes? Are there really more of them than there used to be, or have we somehow grown more sensitive to their presence?
Dr. Clive Rectum of the CDC notes that while diagnoses of Asshole have risen markedly over the last decade, it's far from clear as to what the cause, or even multiple causes might be.
"I favor an environmental explanation.", says the infectious demeanor expert. "These assholes find themselves surrounded by assholes from birth, and, well, asshole tends to rub off on you."
Here on the corner of 2nd and Crap, in a once modestly middle-class section of Cleveland, Duncan Shittypants, Jr. has been the proprietor of Duncan's Pawn Emporium since the late 1970's.
"I remember at first, you'd get maybe one or two assholes a week. They'd come in and start talking, and you'd know right away: this here's an asshole. You'd mutter and shake your head... try not to get 'em going, you know? Eventually they'd leave and you could get on with your day. Now? Well now you can't swing a cat without hitting an asshole. Store's full of 'em. It got to the point where I had to set up special Asshole parking." (It's a little farther up the street.)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shortwave Listening isn't protected under part 97

 Hey, Gomer, if you are not in QSO, your listening frequency isn't protected under FCC part 97.

What say ?  Yes, that's right. A frequency is open for use if you are not yourself using same and the station transmitting does not hear or is being heard by who ever you're listening to.

 Frequencies are for all licensed amateur operators, not your buddies or your rag chew crew. Get used to it because that's the law.

Now that you know go forth and bitch no more. Also it would seem, calling CQ for more than a minute or two, would be interpreted as broadcasting. It is in fact a one way transmission.Once you have terminated a contact you no longer are protected from competitive use of that frequency by a licensed radio station.
The fact you declare a channel open is just a bit silly. You never had exclusive rights to it from the start.

So, the senile and  proud old goof balls no doubt will just continue to do business as usual. Just remember you are just as likely a Qrmer as the station you believe took your frequency. Remember radios do have tuning dials.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

KB2IXT's Life is Threatened by Unlicensed dark shadow

 KB2IXT announces his life and that of Miss Laura have been threatened. The unlicensed hit man taunts and stalks Freddy on 75.  Hi  Kids, just when you thought 75 meters couldn't get any dumber. Surprise, Surprise.. Gomer has a Surprise.

  Fred announces his life and that of FCC chief enforcer Laura Smith has been threatened and he has alerted all federal law enforcement agencies he can think of on his cell phone. I hope he can muster a government action faster now that drama and
possible Mayhem have surfaced.

First we wonder what the "death-Tales" could be, but why would anyone put out a contract of Freddy, the biggest big ole good Buddy? I wondered that, and after listening I might have an answer.

You see Freddy has been calling the FCC for years about unknown stations "jamming"
his nightly Marconi net. But, even after ten years few if any results have taken place.
One could ask why and ofcourse its not the job of the FCC to DF licensed qrming stations, unless emergency traffic or some other very important function is being served by amateur radio communications. As anyone who listens regularly 3.843 knows no such function is being served.

However, Fred dropped a bomb shell recently claiming he had discovered some alleged jammer had been on disability while also (God forbid) working,
Of course this is none of Fred's business, but we wonder who he is having investigated, since he often claims such personal informations.

We also question why he would jam his rear side into somebody's life at such a personal level, he would call the social security administration, reporting his big discovery.
We conclude this little fascist is out of control and if someone would become very annoyed with him might take personal matters into their own hands.

Freddy never says why somebody, an alleged unlicensed person, would threaten him with bodily harm.
However, knowing his amoral nature and sissy conduct, plus intrusions into the lives of others , we can guess.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad OO's who abuse their positions

The Official Observor system although conceived to help the amateur radio service has in its ranks bad apples who abuse their position. One such is transplanted Teaxs Neter WA5LOU.
The following is a report about his movements and activities when in Texas. He wife found a job in Indiana and he is unemployed. Moving to Indiana in August of 2010.

Here is a copy of a
Lou Everett WA5LOU called last Wednesday with the news that his wife had taken a job in Indiana that started today. She has specialized skills and was not able to find the kind of work needed locally and this has forced them to relocate.
Lou was a scheduled speaker at the Saturday 7290 picnic and wanted to hold off any announcements until his leaving was announced there.

I told Lou we expect check ins from Indiana and for him to take the net if the band goes long… I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from you.
Tom Whiteside, N5TW parting comment about WA5LOU

I think some in the 40 meter AM window who have received white cards from WA5LOU, because according to him, they were causing interference to a foolish traffic net on SSB, on 7.290 will raise their eye brows. He needs be called in and questioned about his impartiality in the duty of OO.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Advise For KD8IUU from a friend

Stanley its time at your age 66 years to smell the flowers and Grow UP! Stop hiding behind a woman's skirt.