Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Smoking Gun WB2JKJ

You know sometimes its just that intuitive smell of mendacity that makes your nose turn up.
I have never heard of a better solution for playing the tables at Vegas than this.
Joey is no longer a teacher. PS 22 does not even know who he is. Try calling them, as I did.
Ok, first misrepresentation. But seriously your charity appears not to be registered for a tax free deduction of any contribution. We have checked. And, isn't it strange, of all the places he can had out literature, its the sin city, gambling center of the world.

WB2JKJ probably has thousands in unpaid IRS taxes, that's just a speculation of course because he actually has no radio club, is no longer a teacher and does not disclose where the money goes from all those pieces of gear he will send somebody over to collect, to fund a club, that no longer exists.

WB2JKJ you are free to respond here.
Until then we stand by our suspicions.Having listened to Joe on 7.238 with his splatter-ridden Collins signal wiping out nearby frequencies, I think this whole process is very suspect.

Most intriguing the Hotel in Joeyy's bulletin is closed until mid 2012! Its also a Casino!


  1. "Interesting story" the ONLY PROBLEM with this so called reporting is just a FEW MINOR DETAILS First is the school is NOT PS.22 it was JHS 22 which just so happens to be actually Named... Gustave Straubenmuller Junior High School 22 when it was named that but since then it has been renamed.but what the Heck are Facts when the "story" sounds good huh...second "Joey" no longer being a teacher is because He actually Retired I should know because I actually Attended JHS 22 and was in Joe's class and yes My Call sign was KB2ATI but I Have let it expire and yes the Building where JHS 22 was located at 111 Columbia St
    New York, NY10002-1948

  2. I have met Joe (WB2JKJ) several times. I made contacts with him while he was still a teacher. I met him while he was still teaching. He retired from teaching and continued his efforts to help other teachers use Ham Radio in school. The school JHS 22 is NOT the same as PS 22. As I understand, JHS 22 does not exist anymore. I think Joe kept the name of the club (even though the school does not exist). Perhaps he kept it because he started his work and promotion of "education through communication (EDUCOM)" under that name and didn't want to confuse people later with a name change.

  3. You ever notice every picture of the kids in the "club" is dated yet those of Joe having fun without the kids is not ?

  4. The people who had "Joe" as a Teacher would know the reason why Like "Myself" it is because when thepics of us kids were taken "joe" was a Teacher and the pic of him with out us are when he was away from school or "RETIRED" so what is the above poster trying to say without actually saying it ???? and to think they have something to say by hiding as "Unknown" hater's are going to hate no matter what I guess !!!