Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Kill A Dead and Mindless Ham

   Has it ever seemed to you hams must be some of the most dead out there. After all why would anyone chant CQ CORN TEST, then give a phoney 59 report. Only then to go back to doing the same thing again.
We won't say all hams are Zombies, but it is possible, given their mindless chatter some may well be dead, and unburied.

Here is a primer on how to kill a Zombie, if you need to.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A super HV arc. This should say Danger to The Rangers

          I include this video, because it is just so cool. In old days,
age 16, my 3500 volts pulled some nice arcs, but not like this.
I did however as a kid, love to take a lead pencil and draw a nice blue arc from a 6146, that was producing RF. Its a wonder I survived.. Gwod was with me, good buddy.

This arc is on a 345 KV power grid. The technicans opened the breakers and by golly, got some good plasma off the latches.


The Sunset for Personal Radio, including Amateur radio

Included here, for your reference, is the material from which Amateur radio is depending on to keep it alive and well.

For your suggestion, assume you are a youngster, that wants to shortwave listen. Would you, consider joining Elmar here on 75 meters for a little conversation between feeding the dogs and your next six pack?

For the moment, radio is in the twilight zone, and its not clear what if any excuse it can show for its continued existence.

Happy 4th of July.. and keep that powder dry.