Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad OO's who abuse their positions

The Official Observor system although conceived to help the amateur radio service has in its ranks bad apples who abuse their position. One such is transplanted Teaxs Neter WA5LOU.
The following is a report about his movements and activities when in Texas. He wife found a job in Indiana and he is unemployed. Moving to Indiana in August of 2010.

Here is a copy of a
Lou Everett WA5LOU called last Wednesday with the news that his wife had taken a job in Indiana that started today. She has specialized skills and was not able to find the kind of work needed locally and this has forced them to relocate.
Lou was a scheduled speaker at the Saturday 7290 picnic and wanted to hold off any announcements until his leaving was announced there.

I told Lou we expect check ins from Indiana and for him to take the net if the band goes long… I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from you.
Tom Whiteside, N5TW parting comment about WA5LOU

I think some in the 40 meter AM window who have received white cards from WA5LOU, because according to him, they were causing interference to a foolish traffic net on SSB, on 7.290 will raise their eye brows. He needs be called in and questioned about his impartiality in the duty of OO.

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