Wednesday, November 28, 2012

   I once wondered why people would gather around a group of old men and day after day, just repeat the same old worthless comments? Could it be the old men,amateur
 radio are just lonely ?

What would a psychologist say about checking into a net, having nothing to say, for years on end, to speak trivial things about yourself?

Just some of the things I've heard, useless and banal pieces of human mumbles.

1. Gas Prices- Basically who cares about gas prices in your area, its only at the local gas pump where it counts.

2. What their wife is doing- Who cares what his wife is doing, she is not a licensed ham, never speaks on the air, and may in fact find his hobby devastating to what little is left of their own time to speak with each other.

3. What they did in the military as much as 70 years ago?
Seriously who could care, except its obvious you survived, otherwise, you'd not be blathering false memory about your (his) glory days

4. The Weather and weather nets- Who could care that in East Fairfield Indiana, its clear, with snow flurries and the barometer falling? If I wished to get the only weather report important to me, I'd look out a window.

5. Constant blathering about old and simple radio stuff, such as "my G5RV"- Goodness goomer, who cares, unless you have a signal 20-30 over nine and claim 100 watts on that wonderful G5RV.

And so its goes year after year..and I wonder how much more ridicules it could get. Maybe just making funny noises would be more brain stimulating?

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